HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Starting the home page.
Just as with the other projects in previous chapters, you need to review good Web
development standards before you start a new Web page.
Use the required HTML structure tags.
You will validate your Web pages for this
project, so make sure that you use the HTML tags needed to make the page HTML5
compliant. This includes using the <meta> tag and a DOCTYPE statement.
Copy what you can.
In earlier chapters, you copied HTML code from one completed
page to another to make it easier. You should do the same in this project. Once a Web
page is validated, you know that the initial HTML tags are correct. It makes sense
then to copy/paste those lines of code to the next Web page file. If you are utilizing
the same navigation bar throughout a Web site, it also makes sense to copy that code
from one Web page to another.
Creating the Home Page
Before the image map can be added to the home page of the Lake Tahanna Tourism Web
site, the home page must be created. The home page includes a logo image and para-
graphs of text, which includes an e-mail link. At the bottom of the home page, a horizon-
tal list of text links is inserted. The text links allow the Web page visitor to navigate to the
home page and to the skiing, boating, and dining Web pages.
To Start Notepad++
Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar to display the Start menu.
Click All Programs at the bottom of the left pane on the Start menu to display the All
Programs list.
Click the Notepad++ folder in the All Programs list.
Click the Notepad++ icon in the list to display the Notepad++ window. Maximize the
Notepad++ window if necessary.
Click View on the menu bar. If the word wrap command does not have a check mark next
to it, click word wrap.
To Enter Initial HTML Tags to Define the Web Page Structure
To create the home page, you will start Notepad++ and enter the initial HTML
tags to define the overall structure of the Web page, as shown in Table 5-3 on the next
page. Notice that line 8 is the link statement that links the external style sheet named
stylesch5.css to the Web page. You will create the external style sheet later in this project.
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