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Although Paint allows you to identify the coordinates for a map area manually, there
are dedicated image map tools that can simplify this process (see Table 5-2). These tools
allow you to click the image to define the clickable areas of the image map and then auto-
matically generate the x- and y-coordinates and HTML code needed for the image map.
If possible, download or navigate to one of the software tools listed in Table 5-2 and use
that software to map the clickable areas in the tahanna.jpg image. As further practice, open
the file shapecoord.gif found in the Chapter05\ChapterFiles folder of the Data Files for
Students in Paint (Figure 5-21) and use your mouse pointer to identify the coordinates to
map the clickable areas in the shapecoord.gif image. You could also experiment with using
one or more of the tools in Table 5-2 to map clickable areas in the image.
Graphics Software
Many graphics tools are
available for advanced
image creation and
maintenance. One of
the more popular tools
is Adobe Photoshop.
Photoshop allows you to
create images that can
be used as image maps
or to crop sections out
of existing images.
Table 5-2 Image Map Software Tools
Windows, UNIX, Mac OS
CoffeeCup Image Mapper
Image Map Tool
Online (
Figure 5-21
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