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An airline company may use an image map to show the seating chart of one of
their planes (Figure 5-6). You could develop an application that links from the airplane
ticket purchase Web page to the seating chart image map and allow customers to select
their seats. This map shows how the various airplane seats are arranged, which helps
customers understand the general layout of the airplane.
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Figure 5-6 Image map of airplane seat arrangement.
Image maps can be used for many applications. For instance, if you want to create a
Web site that depicts your vacation travels, you could take a digital picture of your travel
souvenirs (Figure 5-7a) and use that as an image map, linking personal souvenirs to pho-
tographs (Figure 5-7b) that you took in a particular country that you visited.
Image Maps
Image maps are used
frequently for Web site
navigation. Many online
HTML sources address
the purposes of image
maps and give suggestions
for their use. Use any good
search engine to find more
information on image maps.
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