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local computer
FTP server
WS_FTP open
and connected
to FTP server
Figure 7
Marketing Your Web Site
Now that your Web pages are published, you need to get the word out to potential Web
site visitors. You need to determine a comprehensive marketing plan. It serves no purpose
for you to publish a Web site if no one visits it. There are several ways to start a marketing
Put your URL on your business cards, company brochures, stationery, and e-mail
Advertise your URL in newsletters and print articles.
Tell people verbally about your Web site.
Find and get listed on targeted directories and search engines specific to your industry.
Buy banner ads.
Negotiate reciprocal links in which you agree to link to a Web site if they agree to
link to your Web site.
Utilize newsgroups specific to your industry.
Search Engines
Both Google and Yahoo!
contain information
about optimizing your
Web sites. Review their
Webmaster guidelines and
resources for great ideas
on registering with their
search engines.
Registering with Search Engines
You are finished entering the meta tags, publishing, and marketing your Web site. The
next step is to register your Web site with the two most popular search engines, Google
and Yahoo! It is also a good idea to register your site with search engines that specialize in
subject matter related to your Web site.
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