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3: Creating a Gift Shop Web Site
Your design team at Webber Design has been asked to create a proposal that explains the value of
using Cascading Style Sheets to an existing customer. Select a Web site with which you are familiar.
Verify which of the three types of style sheets the Web site uses. Develop a graphic of the Web site
hierarchy. Determine how the three types of style sheets could possibly be used differently in this
Web site and develop an outline explaining how they could enhance pages or sections of the site,
add style consistency, or make the site easier to maintain. Write a proposal to the owners of the Web
site that describes the features you could add with style sheets and the benefits of doing so, relative
to the formatting techniques currently used in the Web site. Use ideas as discussed in the chapter
to emphasize the other benefits of style sheets. Write the proposal in the form of a bid, giving time
estimates and costs associated with the development effort. Include your hierarchy chart and style
sheet outline as appendices to the proposal.
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