HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Determine if you need to use padding, border spacing, or both . The first thing you
should consider is if you need these spacing properties at all. If your content is getting
across to the users without any modification to the spacing, then maybe you do not
need to do this. Look again at the golf.html Web page. The information there is
completely readable, and there is no padding or border spacing.
Determine what type of spacing to use
. If you decide that you do need to insert
space within or around the cells of data, then you should next consider how much
space to provide within the table. Border spacing is the distance between the borders
of adjacent cells. Padding sets the top, right, bottom, and left padding around an
element. Both properties serve the purpose of making the table of information easier
to read. No rule of thumb says how much padding or border spacing should be used.
Try various values to see the effect on the table.
Determine whether to use color in the table.
Color can be used to separate or
highlight information in a table. The row colors used in this Web page help viewers
differentiate rows from one another.
To Open an HTML File
In the following step, you will activate Notepad++ and open the tennis.html Web
page file.
Switch to Notepad++ and open tennis.html, located in the Chapter04\ChapterFiles folder
(Figure 4-34).
HTML code in tennis.html in
the Chapter04\ChapterFiles
folder where you store your
Student Data Files
Figure 4-34
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