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To Test Links on a Web Page
After confirming that the Web page appears as desired, the four links on the
horizontal navigation bar should be tested to verify that they function as expected.
The following steps show how to test the links on the golf.html Web page. Compare
Figure 4-32a (the starting Web page) to Figure 4-32b (the ending Web page after the
HTML code is entered in the next section).
Click the Home link to change to the Oceanside Hotel and Sports Club home page.
Click the Golf link to return to the golf.html Web page.
Click the Dining link.
Click the Tennis link (Figure 4-32a).
Why aren't the Dining and Tennis Web pages formatted with the styles in the external
style sheet?
In order for the external style sheet to take effect, you have to insert the <link> statement
into the HTML code in the Dining and Tennis files.
(a) Tables with no
external style
sheet linked in.
navigation bar links
are left-aligned and
colored as visited; the
cell sizes are relative
to the size of the
table is left-aligned
without any space
or padding around
or between cells
because of styles identified
in the external style sheet,
the table has white text
on gray background on all
table heading cells
because of styles identified in the
external style sheet, the navigation
bar images are centered and have
evenly spaced cells across the table;
uses class named menu for this table
class stripe defined in the
external style sheet used
to color every other row
table has additional
space because of
padding and border
spacing attributes used
(b) Tables with external
style sheet linked in.
Figure 4-32
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