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Adding a Table with Borders
The borderless table style defined in the stylesch4.css external style sheet works well
for the horizontal navigation bar that appears on every page. However, the borderless for-
mat would be less effective in presenting the three columns and five rows of information
about available golf options at Oceanside Hotel and Sports Club. Figure 4-28a shows this
information in a table with borders. Figure 4-28b shows the same information in a table
without borders and with a distinct background color in every other row. As shown in this
figure, using a table with borders makes the information on the Golf Web page easier to
read and provides a frame that gives the table a three-dimensional appearance.
(a) Table with
borders surround
the table
columns and rows not
separated by borders; color
rows created (using stripe
class) make it easier to read
(b) Table without
Figure 4-28
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