HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
filename is not
If necessary, click the
Notepad++ button on
the taskbar to display
oceanside.html. Click
File on the
bar and then
click New.
new 2 filename is highlighted
because that is the file that is open
element has
10 points
each side
all links will be black in all
states with no text-decoration
(no underline)
no border
around image
Enter the
CSS code,
as shown in Table 4-8,
using the t a b key to
align text, as shown
(Figure 4-19).
table style is 65% of browser window
with left and right margins that are
equal; border-color $545859 in ridge
style and 10px wide
five new classes
(in red) defined in
external style sheet
stripe class used
to separate rows
bolder class used to make
select data cells bold only
in Dining Web page
caption displays
below table in italics
th element (table
heading) will
have #757775
background color
with white text
Figure 4-19
With the USB drive plugged into your computer, click File on the menu bar and then
click Save As. Type stylesch4.css in the File name text box. If necessary, navigate to
the G:\Chapter04\
ChapterFiles folder.
Click the Save button
in the Save As dialog
box to save the file as
Open Internet
Explorer and navigate
Validate the
stylesch4.css file.
Return to the
Notepad++ file and
print a hard copy
of the style sheet
(Figure 4-20).
Figure 4-20
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