HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
With the insertion
point on line 15,
enter the HTML
code, as shown in
Table 4-6, pressing
e n t e r after
each line. Use
the t a b key
to indent the
code, as shown
in the table.
Press the e n t e r key
once more after
line 26 (Figure 4-15)
to position
the inser-
tion point
on line 27.
class named menu; will
be defined in external
style sheet created in
next section of chapter
class named
menuicon; will be
defined in next
section of chapter
class named
menupipe; will be
defined in next
section of chapter
navigation bar
added as a table
line 27
Figure 4-15
Why indent my
code with the t a b key?
Indenting is a good way to organize your code so sections are recognizable. You can immediately see what lines
of code are related to a single row in the table, as contained within the indented <tr> </tr> tags. This is helpful
when you have many rows in the table, as in the dining.html file, which you will encounter later in the chapter.
To Add Paragraphs of Text
Next, two paragraphs of text must be added to the Web page. The text is displayed
beneath the navigation bar of links that you just inserted. You will use a paragraph <p> tag
to insert a blank line between the navigation bar and the text. Table 4-7 contains the code
to add the paragraphs of text. In line 29, you will enter an inline style in the <span> tag
to set the link text-decoration to underline. Although links appear as underlined text by
default, you will set text-decoration to none for all links when you create the external style
sheet in the next section. The inline style inserted on line 29 overrides that external style
sheet link style and sets just this e-mail link to be underlined.
Table 4-7 HTML Code to Add Paragraphs of Text
HTML Tag and Text
<p>Oceanside Hotel and Sports Club offers luxury hotel accommodations and
premiere golf and tennis facilities together in one unique location.
Year-round recreational activities are perfect for families to enjoy
together. Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, Oceanside Hotel
offers an exclusive golf experience for you and your business colleagues.
Golf and tennis pros offer private and group instruction for players of
all ages and all levels. At the end of the game, a great meal awaits you
at our fine dining restaurant or our country club.</p>
<p>Explore our Web site to learn more about our golf and tennis programs,
or to review our dining menus. Thinking about visiting? Call us at (999)
555-OCEAN or send an e-mail to <a href=””><span
style=”text-decoration: underline”></span></a>.</p>
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