HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
(a) Oceanside Hotel
and Sports Club
home page.
company logo image
banner with box-shadow
inserted at top of all Web
pages in Web site
10 pt of margin
added on right
and left sides of
all paragraphs
navigation bar
inserted in all
Web pages
e-mail link added
to home page
link back to
Home page
table with 10px
border and header
with background
color and white text
(b) Golf Web page.
padding (5px) and
border spacing (5px)
added to enhance
style of table
(c) Tennis Web page.
same padding and
border spacing
used as in Tennis
Web page
rowspan attributes
used twice to span
three rows each
caption inserted
beneath table to
clarify information
(d) Dining Web page.
Figure 4-1
HTML 157
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