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Lab 1: Creating a Web Page with Links
Problem: Your instructor wants you to create a Web page demonstrating your knowledge of link
targets. You have been asked to create a Web page to demonstrate this technique, similar to the one
shown in Figure 3-52. Use inline styles for all styles in the Web page.
Instructions: Perform the following steps:
1. Start Notepad++ and create a new HTML file with the title, Lab 3-1, in the head section.
2. Begin the body section by adding the image recycle.png and aligning it to the left. Use the
margin-left and -right with values of 10 pixels.
3. Add the heading Help the Earth - Recycle. Format the heading to use the Heading 1 style,
left-aligned, italic, with the font color black.
4. Add an unordered list with the three list items, as shown in Figure 3-52. These three items will be
used to link to the three sections of text below them.
h1 heading italicized
bulleted list of links
to targets within
the Web page
provide e-mail link
link back to
top of page
Figure 3-52
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