HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To View and Test a Web Page
With the HTML code validated and saved, you should view the Web page and test the links.
Click the Internet Explorer button on the taskbar to view the samplephotos.html page in your browser.
Click the Refresh button in the Address bar to display the changes made to the Web page, which should now look
like Figure 3-1b on page HTML 89.
Verify that all internal links work correctly. Click the two links in the bulleted list at the top of the Web page. Then
scroll down and click each To top link to check its function. Finally, verify that the image link to the home page works.
How can I tell if internal links are working when the link and target are displayed in the same browser window?
To see movement to a target within a page, you might need to restore down and resize the browser window so that the
target is not visible, then click the link.
To Print a Web Page
Click the Print button on the Command bar to print the Web page (Figure 3-48).
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Colorful Lobster
Figure 3-48
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