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home page. There is already a text link inserted at the bottom of the Web page that can be
used to return to the home page. It is always important to provide a link back to the home
page from subsequent Web pages. Your visitors should not have to use the Back button on
the browser to return to the home page.
To Open an HTML File
The following steps illustrate how to open the samplephotos.html file in Notepad++.
Click the Notepad++ button on the taskbar.
With a USB flash drive connected to one of the computer's USB ports, click File on the menu bar and then click Open.
Click Computer in the navigation pane to display a list of available drives.
If necessary, scroll until UDISK 2.0 (G:) is displayed in the list of available drives.
If necessary, navigate to the USB drive (G:). Click the Chapter03 folder, and then click the ChapterFiles folder in the list
of available folders.
Click samplephotos.html in the list of files.
Click the Open button in the Open dialog box to display the HTML code for the samplephotos.html Web page, as
shown in Figure 3-31.
If I open another file in Notepad++, will I lose the underwatertours.html file?
The last saved version of underwatertours.html will still be on the USB drive, even though another HTML file is open in Note-
pad++. Additionally, even after you open the new file in Notepad++ the other file (underwatertours.html) remains open in
another tab in Notepad++. That is one of the benefits of Notepad++; you can have more than one file open at the same time.
in Notepad++ title
bar and active tab
.html file remains
open in Notepad++
start-up code for
style sheet that
was created in
home page
clearly marked insert
area for image
embedded style sheets
clearly marked insert
area for image and link
back to home page
Figure 3-31
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