HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
starting point for samplephotos
.html from Data Files for Students
our fabulous tour
destinations' link to
test the external link
on the Web page.
Use the Back button
to return to the
Underwater Tours by
Eloise home page.
Click the 'one of
drive in drive G,
point to the sample
photographs link
and click the link.
The secondary Web
page, samplephotos
.html, is displayed
(Figure 3-28),
although it is not
With the USB flash
My e-mail does not
work when I click
the link. Why does
that happen?
You may not have an
e-mail client installed
on your computer or
your school's servers.
You therefore may
not be able to test
this e-mail link.
Figure 3-28
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