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Web site, or notify the company of a problem with its Web site. ( Note : If your browser is not
configured to send e-mail, the e-mail link will not work.) The following HTML code shows
an example of how to link the words to an e-mail link.
<a href=””></a>
You again use the anchor <a> tag for this type of link. In the href attribute, though, you
use the mailto: e-mail address as the value. It may seem strange to have the e-mail address twice in this code. The first occurrence of the e-mail
address is for the link itself. The second occurrence of
is used for the words on the Web page that you use as the link.
(a) Web page with
e-mail link.
e-mail link
e-mail address
automatically entered
in the To text box
(b) New Message
Figure 3-8
Creating a Home Page
The first Web page developed in this chapter is the home page of the Underwater Tours
by Eloise Web site. A home page is the main page of a Web site, which visitors to a Web
site will generally view first. A Web site home page should identify the purpose of the Web
site by briefly stating what content, services, or features it provides. The home page also
should indicate clearly what links the visitor should click to move from one page on the
site to another. A Web developer should design the Web site in such a way that the links
from one Web page to another are apparent and the navigation is clear. The Web site
home page most often includes an e-mail link, so visitors can easily find contact informa-
tion for the individual or organization. Many Web sites now include an additional e-mail
link to the Web development team. Users can utilize this e-mail link to notify the Web
developers of any problems with the Web site or to comment on the site.
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