HTML and CSS Reference
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normal link that is
blue and underlined
visited link that is
purple and underlined
when mouse pointer
hovers over a text
link, it turns into a
pointing hand
Figure 3-3 Examples of text link color and hover variations.
The same color defaults apply to the border color around an image link. A border
makes the image appear as if it has a frame around it. If the image has no border, no frame
will appear around the image. The color of the border shows whether the border is a link,
and whether the link has been visited (Figure 3-4).
image with
blue border
(normal link)
image with purple
border (visited link)
Figure 3-4 Normal and visited link colors.
The <a> tag also is called the anchor tag because it is used to create anchors for
links to another page in the same Web site, to a Web page in an external Web site, within
the same Web page, and for e-mail links. This is the tag that you will use throughout the
project for the four types of links inserted in the Web pages.
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