HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
(b) Sample Photographs Web page.
image link back
to home page
inline style changes
text to a different
h1, h2, and h3
headings with
colored text
(a) Underwater Tours by
Eloise home page.
internal links to main
sections of this Web page
Tours by Eloise
logo image
left-aligned image
with wrapped text
image with
wrapped text
e-mail link
link to external
Web site
inline style used
for colored text
link to sample
photos Web page
links back to
top of this
Web page
text link back
to home page
Figure 3-1
As you read this chapter, you will learn how to create the Web page shown in Figure 3-1
by performing these general tasks:
Use embedded style sheets, inline styles, and classes to change the format of text,
links, images, and headings.
Use an inline style to create a bulleted list with a square bullet style.
Add a link to another Web page in the same Web site.
Add a link to an external Web site.
Add an e-mail link.
Add targets and links within the same Web page.
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