HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
3 Creating Web Pages
with Links, Images, and
Embedded St yle Sheets
You will have mastered the material in this chapter when you can:
Describe linking terms and definitions•
Use absolute and relative paths
Create a home page and enhance
Save, validate, and view an HTML
a Web page using images
Change body and heading format
file and test the links
Use style classes to add an image
using embedded (internal) style sheets
Align and add color to text using
with wrapped text
Add links to targets within a Web page
embedded and inline styles
Add a text link to a Web page in the
Use an inline style to change the
default bullet list type to square
Copy and paste HTML code
same Web site
Add an e-mail link
Add a text link to a Web page
Add an image link to a Web page
on another Web site
in the same Web site
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