HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter Summary
In this chapter, you have learned how to identify the elements of a Web page, define the Web page structure, and
enter Web page content using a text editor. You enhanced the appearance of your Web page using inline styles, saved
and validated your code, and viewed your Web page and source code in a browser. The items listed below include all
the new HTML skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Start Notepad++ (HTML 40)
2. Enable word wrap in Notepad++ (HTML 42)
3. Define the Web Page Structure Using HTML
Tags (HTML 42)
4. Enter a Paragraph of Text (HTML 48)
5. Enter a Heading (HTML 49)
6. Create an Unordered List (HTML 51)
7. Add a Footer (HTML 53)
8. Save an HTML File (HTML 55)
9. Start a Browser (HTML 58)
10. View a Web Page in a Browser (HTML 59)
11. Activate Notepad++ (HTML 60)
12. Add an Image (HTML 65)
13. Add Color to a Web Page Heading (HTML 69)
14. Change the Bulleted List Style (HTML 70)
15. Add a Horizontal Rule (HTML 70)
16. Change the Footer Style (HTML 71)
17. Refresh the View in a Browser (HTML 72)
18. Validate HTML Code (HTML 73)
19. View HTML Source Code for a Web Page
(HTML 76)
20. Print a Web Page and an HTML File
(HTML 77)
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