HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
button on the task-
bar to activate the
Notepad++ window.
Click the Notepad++
bar, click the Print
and then click the
Print button to
print a hard copy
of the HTML code
(Figure 2-43).
Why do I need a
printout of the HTML
Having a hard-
copy printout is an
invaluable tool for be-
ginning developers. A
printed copy can help
you immediately see
the relationship be-
tween the HTML tags
and the Web page
that you view in the
Click File on the menu
Figure 2-43
To Quit Notepad++ and a Browser
Quick Reference
For a list of HTML tags and
their associated attributes,
see the HTML Quick
Reference (Appendix A)
at the back of this topic,
or visit the HTML Quick
Reference on the Topic
Companion Site Web
page for this topic at
For a list of CSS properties
and values, see Appendix D.
The following steps show how to quit Notepad++ and a browser.
In Notepad++, click the File menu, then Close All.
Click the Close button on the Notepad++ title bar.
Click the Close button on the Internet Explorer title bar.
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