Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Portability- Since there is large and different kind of operating systems
therefore it provides the freedom of running in any operating system so its
program can be used in different OS without any issues of compatibility.
The evolutions in java are as follows.
Java 1.0
Java 1.1
Java 1.2
J2SE 1.2
J2SE 1.3
J2SE 1.4
J2SE 5
J2SE 5 made various changes to Java
The new feature that was added is as follow.
Auto boxing and auto-unboxing
Enhanced, for-each style for loop
Variable-length arguments
Static import
Formatted I/O
Concurrency utilities
In J2SE 5, and the developers kit was called JDK 5. 1.5 used as internal version number
and this is referred as developer version number.
Java became the center of innovation in computer technological world. The existence of
JVM and byte code changed the scenario of security and portability in the programming
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