Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Byte code
This is highly optimized by set of instructions designed which is designed to be executed
by Java virtual machine that is JVM.
It was designed as an interpreter for the byte code.
Another feature of java program is that it is simple.
This enables the professionals to learn.
Work in a very effective manner but it is also very easy to understand.
The ability that includes creating a robust program that can be a multiplatform program are
given a very high priority in design of Java.
The real world requirements are met by java which helps to achieve the requirement of
creating interactive and networked programs.
High performance
The advantage of being a multi platform functioning program helps to find
the cross platform solution.
It provides benefits of being an platform independent code with the help of
java run time system.
This is because it is been designed for the internet which has a distributed
environment because of the handling of TCP/IP protocols.
This allows the program to find out methods across a network.
URL is used in this to access a file on internet.
This property supports RMI (Remote Method Invocation).
This is the action that is taken during the run-time such as to resolve, verify
and add objects.
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