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The week input type
<input type=week> allows entry and validation of a week number.
While this could be a simple input fi eld allowing a user to input
a number, it's more complex in practice: some years have 53
weeks. Therefore, the format is 2010-W07 for the seventh week
in the year 2010.
Opera offers a datepicker UI, which populates the input field
with the week number of any selected date rather than the
dates YYYY-MM-DD format ( Figure 3.5 ).
FIGURE 3.5 Opera
10.50's rendering of
<input type=week> .
The number input type
The number input type throws an error if the user does not enter
numeric characters, unsurprisingly. It works perfectly with the min ,
max , and step attributes. In Opera, it is rendered as a spinner con-
trol that will not go beyond the upper and lower limits (if speci-
fied) and which progresses by the increment specified in step ,
although a user can also type the value ( Figure 3.6 ).
FIGURE 3.6 Opera
10.50's rendering of
<input type=number> .
The range input type
<input type=range> renders as a slider. Figure 3.7 shows it in
Google Chrome.
FIGURE 3.7 Google
Chrome's rendering of
<input type=range> .
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