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Now let's look at the main content area ( Figure 2.16 ).
FIGURE 2.16 The main content
area of the Guardian homepage.
Unsurprisingly for a newspaper site, the main content area
of the Guardian homepage is given over to news articles. It's
important to notice that there is no overriding heading group-
ing the main articles (such as “top stories”), otherwise you could
wrap the whole thing up in a <section> . Therefore, you just have
a list of <article> s. Because <section> isn't appropriate here, if
there is a need to wrap all the articles with an element for styl-
ing purposes, you'd use the semantically empty <div> element.
There is one featured article that is mostly comprised of an
image, presumably because it's the most striking image avail-
able ( Figure 2.17 ).
FIGURE 2.17 The featured
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