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In the UK, when red telephone boxes were still a common sight,
inside each of these boxes included a printed note of the cur-
rent address that you were calling from. This was so that if you
had to call the police or an ambulance you knew where you
were. Of course, this also helped after a hazy Friday night, call-
ing home for a lift because you didn't know where you were.
Browsers now come shipped with this feature built in, and it's
one of the simplest APIs available to implement. If your web site
needs any location-based information from your user, then you
can see it's easy as pie to progressively enhance your page to
support this new API. It's only a matter of time until someone
builds the web site that you open, and it instantly tells you your
nearest greasy spoon cafe or curry house all entirely dependent
on the current time and your current location.
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