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data = {}; = '';
getItem: function (key) {
return data[key] || null;
key: function (i) {
// not perfect, but works
var ctr = 0;
for (var k in data) {
if (ctr == i) return k
else ctr++;
removeItem: function (key) {
delete data[key]; = JSON.stringify(data);
setItem: function (key, value) {
data[key] = value+''; // forces the value to a
¬ string = JSON.stringify(data);
The problem with implementing sessionStorage manually (as
shown in the previous code listing) is that you wouldn't be able
to write sessionStorage.twitter = '@rem' . Although techni-
cally, the code would work, it wouldn't be registered in our stor-
age object properly and sessionStorage.getItem('twitter')
wouldn't yield a result.
With this in mind, and depending on what browsers you are tar-
geting (that is, whether you would need to provide a manual fall-
back to storage), you may want to ensure you agree within your
development team whether you use getItem and setItem .
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