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Using debugging tools
Although there's good support for the Web Storage API, the
debuggers are still maturing. So aside from introspecting
the sessionStorage or the localStorage there's not too many
tools available.
Whilst I refer to WebKit, in this section I'm covering Safari,
the nightly build of Safari (WebKit), and Google Chrome.
WebKit's developer tool allows us to view the localStorage
and sessionStorage values stored as shown in Figure 6.1 . From
here you can modify keys and values and delete entries.
NOTE To e n a b l e t h e
Developer menu in Safari,
go to Preferences and from the
Advanced tab, check the Show
Developer Menu in Menu
Bar box.
FIGURE 6.1 WebKit's storage
Using the Firebug plugin for Firefox you can easily introspect the
storage objects. If you enter “sessionStorage” or “localStorage” in
the console command and execute the code, the storage object
can now be clicked on and its details can be seen ( Figure 6.2 ).
FIGURE 6.2 Firebug's storage
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