HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
FIGURE 5.3 The canvas drawing
demo Harmony also works,
unmodified, on mobile browsers.
The API has already been used for a huge range of applications,
including (interactive) backgrounds to websites, navigation ele-
ments, graphing tools, fully fl edged applications, and games and
emulators. Who knew Super Mario canvas-based games would
open the eyes of so many developers!
The 2D API is large enough that I suspect we'll see entire topics
dedicated to the subject. Since I have only one chapter to talk
about it, I'll show you the basics. But I'll also show you some of
the funky stuff you can do with the canvas element, like captur-
ing frames from a video or processing individual pixels from an
image inside the canvas. I'll even show you how to export to
fi fi e s r e a d y t o b e s a v e d t o y o u r d e s k t o p . I'll ' fi fi a fi s o s h o w y o u h o w
to create your fi rst animation, which might even hark back to the
days of BASIC computing.
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