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control if we do not take the bull by its horns and radically restructure our energy
Renewable energies can already guarantee complete, affordable and climate-com-
patible coverage of our energy requirements. There is no basis for the widespread
fear that the lights will go out if we cannot use oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear
energy. On the contrary, increasing the use of renewable energies will make us more
and more independent of the conventional energy sources that are now in short
supply and steadily becoming more expensive. The use of renewable energies will
also help to end some of the confl icts that are taking place at the moment.
The question that remains is why we are still using renewable energies on such a
small scale. There are many reasons for this. First of all, the wider public is not
being made suffi ciently aware of the possibilities offered by renewable energies. An
increase in information sources such as this topic will, it is hoped, gradually close
this gap in knowledge. On the other hand, everyone is hoping that the problem will
somehow solve itself, many people do not really feel responsible or they have
already given up hope. However, it is up to each and every individual to make a
contribution and to demand the necessary measures from the politicians. If all of us
start to use the possibilities open to us to save energy and use renewable energies,
we will still be able to stop climate warming and establish a sustainable energy
supply contribution.
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