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public void setPublisher(String publisher){
The XSL transformation generated entity class may require some reformatting or/
and debugging depending on the complexity of the initial EJB 2.0 entity. The EJB 3.0
entity generated in this chapter requires only slight reformatting. The EJB 3.0 entity
class has the import statements for the javax.persistence package classes. The
@Entity annotation specifies the class as an entity EJB class. The @Table annotation
specifies the database table name for the entity EJB, the @NamedQueries annotation
specifies the named queries, the @Id annotation specifies the identifier property/
primary key field, and the @Column annotation specifies the database column
corresponding to the identifier property. The EJB 2.0-to-EJB 3.0 conversion XSLT also
includes the conversion of entity bean CMR relationships.
Developing a session fa├žade for an entity
In EJB 2.0, an entity bean is created with the create method in the home/local home
interface and the entity bean fields are modified with the getter/setter methods in
the local/remote interface. In EJB 3.0, an entity bean is created and modified with
the EntityManager API. The EntityManager class provides methods for finding,
persisting, and removing an entity bean instance. This section covers generation of a
session bean that implements the EntityManager API.
In the session bean class, the EntityManager is obtained with the
@Resource annotation:
@Resource private EntityManager em;
Some of the commonly used methods of the EntityManager class are listed in the
following table:
EntityManager Method
persist(Object entity)
Saves an entity bean instance in the
database. The persist method returns
the entity bean that is persisted in the
find(String entityName, Object
Finds an entity bean instance with a
primary key.
remove(Object entityBean)
Removes an entity bean from the
createQuery(String ejbQlString) Creates an EJB QL query.
createNamedQuery(String queryName) Creates a @NamedQuery query.
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