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build-service Compile the Web Service class using the jwsc task, which generates
a WAR file. Has dependency on the jar target.
Create an EAR file from the EJB JAR file and the web service WAR
file. Has dependency on the build-service target.
Deploy the EAR file to the WebLogic server. Has dependency on the
assemble-app target.
Compile the web service client class with the clientgen task. Has
dependency on the build-client target.
Run the web service client class.
WebLogic Server provides a task for compiling a Web Service class: jwsc . We shall
be compiling the EJB3WSImpl class with the jwsc task, which uses the weblogic. class. Create a taskdef for the jwsc task:
<taskdef name="jwsc" classname="
<path refid="project.classpath"/>
The jwsc Ant task (
docs103/webserv_ref/anttasks.html#wp1069899 ) takes an annotated JWS file as
input and generates all the artifacts required to create a web service. When the jwsc -
generated WAR file is deployed, the application server and the JAX-WS runtime
generate the WSDL file and any additional artifacts required to invoke the web service
from a client. The following artifacts get generated:
• Java Source iles that implement a standard web service, such as the
Service Endpoint Interface (SEI). For a JWS class EJB3WSImpl , an SEI gets created.
• Standard and WebLogic-speciic deployment descriptors. The standard
webservices.xml deployment descriptor and the JAX-RPC mapping files
get created. The WebLogic-specific web services deployment descriptor
weblogic-webservices.xml also gets created.
• The WSDL ile that describes the web service.
• The XML Schema representation of any Java user-deined types used as
parameters or return values of web service methods.
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