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To test that the EJB 3.0 entity classes generated using XSL transformation comply with
the EJB 3.0 API, add libraries EJB 3.0, Java EE 1.5, and Java EE 1.5 API to the project in
the Project Properties window. First, select Tools | Project Properties . Subsequently,
add the required libraries with the Add Library button. These libraries are pre-
configured in JDeveloper and only need to be selected and added. Click on OK .
Converting the entity class
The EJB 3.0 entity class is a non-abstract POJO class with implementations for the
getter/setter methods, in comparison to the EJB 2.0 entity bean class, which is
abstract with abstract getter/setter methods. EJB 3.0 does not require component and
home interfaces. The entity bean class may implement a business interface, though is
not required to.
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