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Creating an EJB 3.0 Web
JAX-WS is an API to create web applications and web services using the XML-
based web services functionality. A web service consists of a Service Endpoint
Implementation (SEI) class, which must satisfy the following points:
• It's annotated with the javax.jws.WebService annotation
• It must not be abstract or inal
• It must contain a default public constructor
• A web service provides operations, which are public methods, that are made
available to web service clients
The business methods must not be static or final and, though not required, may
be annotated with the javax.jws.WebMethod annotation. By default, all public
methods are made available as web service operations.
In this chapter, we shall create an EJB 3.0 web service with JDeveloper 11 g , WebLogic
Server 11 g , and Oracle Database. We shall discuss the following topics in this chapter:
• Creating a data source in WebLogic Server
• Creating an entity bean
• Creating a session bean façade
• Creating a Web Service class
• Creating a web service client
• Testing the web service
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