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int maxResults);
List<Section> findSectionsAll();
List<Section> findSectionsAllByRange(int firstResult, int
Creating JSF user interfaces
We shall input data for the EDITION , SECTION , and ARTICLE tables from JSF
interfaces. In this section, we shall create the edition.jsp , section.jsp and
article.jsp JSFs. We shall use the backing beans from the JSFs as EJB 3.0 clients.
In the backing beans, we shall lookup the session bean remote interface and invoke
the createEdition , createSection , and createArticle methods to create and
persist Entity , Section , and Article entities. First, we need to create the JSFs
for the entities. We shall create the JSFs in the ViewController project. Select the
ViewController project node and select File | New . In the New Gallery window,
select Web Tier | JSF in Categories and JSF Page in Items. Click on OK :
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