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Creating a session bean
In this section, we create a Stateless session bean façade for the entity beans. Select
the Model project node in Application navigator and select File | New . In the New
Gallery window, select Business Tier | EJB and Session Bean in Items . Click on
OK . In the Create Session Bean window, specify the session bean EJB Name , and
select Session Type as Stateless and Transaction Type as Container . Specify a
Mapped Name , which will be used to lookup the session bean from a client. Select
a Persistence Unit and click on Next . Select the default session façade methods to
generate and click on Next . Specify the Bean Class and click on Next . Specify the
EJB interfaces to implement. Implement only one of the interfaces—local or remote.
Select the Implement a Remote Interface checkbox, specify an interface name, and
click on Next . In the Summary page, click on Finish . A session bean and a remote
interface get created.
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