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Using JSF with Entity
In Chapter 7 , Creating EJB 3.0 Entity Relationships , we discussed creating one-to-many
and many-to-many relationships between entity EJBs. We added data by hard coding
the data in the session bean. However, hardcoded data is rarely what is required.
In this chapter, we shall create EJB 3.0 entity relationships and add data from JSF
user interfaces. JSF UIs are the most commonly used interfaces for inputting data.
JSF provides a range of UI components including select lists and event handling for
those components. JSF also has the provision to create custom components. In this
chapter, we shall discuss the following:
• Creating Oracle database tables
• Creating entity beans from database tables
• Creating the Edition , Section , and Article entities
• Creating a session bean façade
• Creating JSF user interfaces for creating entities and mapping
entity relationships
• Adding JSF components to the user interfaces
• Deining managed beans for the JSF user interfaces
• Adding JSF page navigation
• Running the JSF user interfaces to create and persist entities
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