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The servlet class is in the ViewController project and
the EJB 3.0 classes are in the Model project. The servlet class has a dependency
on the EJB 3.0 classes. Therefore, we need to add a dependency from the
ViewController project on the Model project. Right-click on the ViewController
project and select Project Properties . In the Project Properties window, select
Dependencies and select Edit Dependencies to add a dependency on the Model
project. In the Edit Dependencies window, select the Model project and select the
checkbox Build Output . Click on OK . A dependency on the Model project gets
added to the ViewController project. Click on OK in Project Properties .
Creating an Ajax user interface
In this section, we create an input form that initiates an Ajax request to the WebLogic
server. The input form is a JSP, which we shall create next. Select File>New and in
the New Gallery window, select Web Tier|JSP in Categories and JSP in Items , and
click on OK . In the Create JSP window, specify the File Name as input.jsp . Click on
OK . The JSP input.jsp gets created. Similarly, add JSPs catalog.jsp for redirecting to
if a new catalog entry gets created and an error.jsp JSP for redirecting to if a catalog
entry does not get created.
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