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As discussed in some of the earlier chapters, in the Persistence Unit window,
click on New to create a new persistence unit. Specify the persistence unit Name
as em and specify JTA Data Source Name as jdbc/OracleDBConnectionDS .
Select WebLogic Server 10 as the Server Platform . Click on OK . Click on Next in
the Persistence Unit window. In the Type of Connection window, select Online
Database Connection and click on Next . In Database Connection Details, select the
OracleDBConnection and click on Next . In Select Tables, select the OE Schema and
select the Auto Query checkbox. Shift the CATALOG table from the Available to
the Selected list and click on Next . In General Options, specify the Package Name
(default being model ), and select the default Entity Class options. Click on Next .
In Specify Entity Details, select Table Name as OE.CATALOG . Specify Entity
Name as Catalog and Entity Class as model.Entity . Click on Next . In the Summary
page, click on Finish . An entity class model.Catalog gets created. An entity bean
configuration file persistence.xml also gets created in the META-INF directory.
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