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out.println("Section Id:");
out.println(section.getId() + "<br/>");
out.println("Section Name:");
out.println(section.getSectionName() + "<br/>");
out.println("<br/>" + "List of Articles" + "<br/>");
articles = beanRemote.getAllArticles();
for (Article article : articles) {
out.println("Article Id:");
out.println(article.getId() + "<br/>");
out.println("Article Title:");
out.println(article.getTitle() + "<br/>");
Testing the client
In this section, we test the client. But, before we may do so, we need to add the
EJB3Model project as a dependency to the JSPViewController project. Select
the JSPViewController project, and select Tools|Project Properties . In the
Project Properties window, select the Dependencies node, and select the Edit
Dependencies button to add a new dependency. In the Edit Dependencies window,
select the EJB3Model project and the Build Output . Click on OK .
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