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The create.jsp JSF page gets added and the JSF configuration file gets updated
with the managed bean. The backing bean class also
gets added. Similarly, add JSF pages index.jsp , find.jsp , catalogentry.jsp ,
and error.jsp , but when adding these JSF pages select Do Not Automatically
Expose UI Components in a Manage Bean . The directory structure of the EJB3-JSF
application is shown in the following screenshot:
Adding ADF Faces components
We will be adding ADF Faces components to four different JSF pages: the index page,
the page to create an entity instance, the page to find an entity instance, and the page to
display a catalog entry.
The index JSF page
In the index.jsp JSF page, add a Command Link to a JSF page that may be used for
user input to create an entity instance and persist it to the database. Add another link
for user input to retrieve an entity instance with a catalog ID. First, add a Heading
1 to index.jsp and apply style(s) to the heading. A Command Link in ADF Faces
is added with the af:commandLink component. Position the cursor below the
heading, select ADF Faces in the Component Palette , and select Link . An ADF Faces
Command Link gets added to index.jsp .
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