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Object mergeEntity(Object entity);
public void persistEntity(int catalogId, String journal,
String publisher, String edition,
String title, String author);
public Catalog findEntity(int catalogId);
List<Catalog> queryCatalogFindAll();
List<Catalog> queryCatalogFindAllByRange(int firstResult,
int maxResults);
void removeCatalog(Catalog catalog);
Creating an Oracle ADF Faces client
user interface
In this section, we create an Oracle ADF Faces client to test the entity bean using
the wrapper session bean. The ADF Faces library is required in the classpath of the
ViewController project. If the ADF Faces library was not added when creating the
EJB 3 application, right-click on JSFViewController, and select Project Properties .
Transfer ADF Faces from the Available to the Selected column:
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