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Creating a datasource in JDeveloper
Next, we create a JDBC datasource in JDeveloper. We shall use the datasource in the
EJB 3.0 entity bean for database persistence. First, we need to create a database table
in some sample schema, OE for example. Run the following SQL script in SQL *Plus:
journal VARCHAR(100), publisher VARCHAR(100),
edition VARCHAR(100), title VARCHAR(100),
author VARCHAR(100));
A database table gets created in the OE sample schema. Next, we need to create a
JDBC connection in JDeveloper with Oracle database. Open the Database Navigator
or select the Database Navigator tab if already open. Right-click on the IDE
Connections node and select New Connection . In the Create Database Connection
window, specify a Connection Name , select Connection Type as Oracle (JDBC) ,
specify Username as OE , which is the schema in which the Catalog table is created,
and specify the Password for the OE schema. Select Driver as thin , Host Name as
localhost , SID as ORCL (If the database is XE , then the SID is XE ), and JDBC Port
as 1521 . Click on the Test Connection button to test the connection. If the connection
gets established, click on OK :
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