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EJB 3.0 with ADF Faces UI
An ADF Faces client is well suited for creating/retrieving database table rows in
combination with an EJB 3.0 model. In a Model-View-Controller application in which
the EJB 3.0 database persistence constitutes the model, the ADF Faces framework
may be used for the view and controller components. In this chapter, we shall
create an EJB 3.0 entity bean with JDeveloper 11 g and WebLogic Server 11 g , which
are components of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11 g , and Oracle database. We shall
demonstrate the following:
• Mapping a database table to an entity bean
• Wrapping the entity bean in a session bean
• Creating an Oracle ADF Faces client user interface
• Testing the ADF Faces client user interface
Setting the environment
Before getting started, we need to install Oracle JDeveloper 11 g Studio Edition,
which may be downloaded from
products/middleware/index.html . Oracle JDeveloper 11 g is distributed as a GUI
self-extractor application. Click on the jdevstudio11110instal application. We also
need to install the Oracle database 10 g or 10 g XE , or 11 g , which may be downloaded
index.html . When installing Oracle database, also install the sample schemas.
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