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EJB 3.0 Persistence with
Oracle Enterprise Pack
for Eclipse
Developing Entity EJBs require an application server and a relational database,
and, optionally, a Java IDE to improve productivity and simplify the development.
Eclipse IDE is the most commonly used open source Java IDE and MySQL database
is the most commonly used open source relational database. Oracle Enterprise Pack
for Eclipse ( OEPE ) All-In-One edition bundles a pre-configured Eclipse and Eclipse
plugins. Oracle has acquired the open source MySQL database. MySQL database
is available under the GPL license; a commercial license is also available without
the precondition to purchase support services from Oracle. In this chapter, we shall
develop an EJB 3.0 entity using the Eclipse-WebLogic Server-MySQL combination;
you will learn the following:
• Creating a MySQL database table
• Coniguring WebLogic Server with MySQL database
• Creating a JPA project in Eclipse
• Creating an EJB 3.0 entity
• Creating a persistence coniguration ile
• Creating a session bean
• Creating a test client
• Deploying the EJB 3.0 entity in WebLogic Server
• Testing the EJB 3.0 entity client
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