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You should be able to use the form now. In browsers with good support for HTML5's form
features, you'll be able to see the new input types, attributes, and validation functionality in
action. In the next section, we'll allow users to choose whether they want to save the data
in the form for later completion or to submit it right away.
2.2.6. Allowing users to choose whether to save or submit a form: using - the input
attributes formnovalidate and formaction
When users are filling out a form, they may not be able to complete the form in one session;
you need to provide them with a means of saving their progress and returning to the form
later. Because a user may need to leave the form quickly, forcing them to correct any valid-
ation errors before saving doesn't make sense; this is required only when the form is finally
submitted. Therefore, you need to give the user a way to bypass validation.
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