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The number input type
10.0 [ * ]
11.0 [ ** ]
number input type 10.0
* Indicates partial support; although IE10 does support validation of the number input type, it doesn't display a spin-
box widget for the field.
** Opera 11 correctly displays a spinbox widget for picking a number but doesn't enforce numeric validation on the
The number input type should display a new UI widget on supported browsers—a spinbox
component that allows the user to change the value by pressing the up button to increase
the value and the down button to decrease the value. An example of this is shown in figure
2.6 .
Figure 2.6. The number input type allows the user to increment and decrement the field value using the up and
down buttons in the spinbox on the right-hand side of the field. The user can also change the value by typing a
numeric value into the text field itself.
Two other new attributes that go hand in hand with the number input type are the min and
max attributes.
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