HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In chapter 9 , you'll learn not only about the WebGL API but also about 3D graphics pro-
gramming in general, including how to create shaders, work with data using buffers, as-
semble 3D data onto the screen using matrix manipulation, and more. You'll do these tasks
through the lens of our sample application, which has you building an entire 3D game,
Geometry Destroyer, a screenshot of which you can see in figure 1.19 .
Figure 1.19. The 3D Geometry Destroyer game in all its glory. Building this game is covered in chapter 9 .
1.5. Summary
HTML5 is the most important revision of HTML since its inception in 1991. Although
HTML began as a relatively straightforward markup language, it has since become a plat-
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