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I.1.2. Peer-to-peer media connections with WebRTC
The WebRTC specification is focused on initiating a peer-to-peer connection between two
browsers and allowing them to send media streams to each other; a common applica-
tion of this would be internet telephony or video chat. Google and Mozilla have recently
announced their initial implementations of this standard in the development versions of
Chrome and Firefox. The following listing shows an excerpt from the Mozilla blog post
announcing the availability of the feature, [ 2 ] to give you an idea of how the final standard
will work.
2 Maire Reavy and Robert Numan, editor, “Hello Chrome, it's Firefox calling!”, Mozilla, Feb. 4,
2013, .
Listing I.3. Initiating a peer-to-peer video chat with WebRTC
Because there's no stable support for this feature in current browsers, we won't go into fur-
ther detail at this point. Instead, in the next section you'll look in detail at another experi-
mental feature that's complementary to audio playback: subtitling and captioning.
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