HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 1.7. The <canvas> element allows developers to present information in more creative ways. You'll learn
how to build this game in chapter 6 .
The Canvas API defines a 2D context, which provides a series of methods for drawing on
the canvas. These include methods to create shapes, define paths, use color and gradients,
provide text, and much more. The API also provides developers with a way to export the
current content of the canvas as a PNG or JPG format image using data URLs or Blob
1.3.2. Audio and video
The majority of internet bandwidth in recent years has been driven by the delivery of mul-
timedia content: video and audio. Today, the majority of web video is deployed in Flash
video (FLV) format, an Adobe Flash container for various types of video codec. If users
have a Flash plug-in installed, they can view the video. Some developers have raised ques-
tions about the security and performance of Flash as a platform for video delivery and
are looking for alternative solutions. In addition, the lack of support for Flash on mobile
devices has meant that if you want your multimedia content to be available on devices such
as the iPad, you're out of luck.
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